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I gave my organs to strangers

Harry Kiernan

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Fifty-seven year old US computer consultant Harry Kiernan is an altruistic organ donor - he gives his internal organs to complete strangers without any payment.

It can be a risky medical procedure, and Harry - from Hartford in Connecticut - is one of only a handful of people in the US who have donated more than one organ in this way.

He gave away one of his kidneys and part of his liver, and he is now waiting to become a bone marrow donor.

He became inspired to do so after his wife Denise committed suicide 12 years ago.

She had been suffering from progressive multiple sclerosis, which is a degenerative condition.

The pain and suffering became too much for her to bear, so she sat in her van and inhaled exhaust fumes.

However because Harry had done nothing to stop her, he was convicted of second degree manslaughter and was given a suspended prison sentence.

It was after this that he decided to help others to live by doing as much as he possibly can - by giving them his organs.

Outlook's Matthew Bannister spoke to Harry Kiernan, and asked him about the loss of his wife Denise and the extraordinary way in which he is now helping others.

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