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Haiti's abandoned children

Children in residential care in Haiti. Photo: Lynne Jones

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As Haiti grapples with political turmoil and cholera, the country is still struggling with the aftermath of the earthquake which struck 11 months ago.

One of the people who has been involved with the international aid effort is Dr Lynne Jones - a psychiatrist who works for the US based International Medical Corps.

She has been working with the mentally ill in Haiti, but she has also spent time helping children in residential care, and the people who look after them.

There are believed to be up to 50 000 children in homes and orphanages in Haiti, most of whom have at least one parent still living, but have been placed in institutions because their families cannot cope.

Lynne's aim was to provide training for some of the staff, or caretakers, in these institutions and to check on living conditions.

For Outlook, Lynne made an audio diary to share her experiences of her work in Haiti, along with the help of her guide and translator, local colleague Vfeda Jean Pierre.

Children in residential care in Haiti. Photo: Lynne Jones

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