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Jehan Sadat - Egypt's former First Lady

Jehan Sadat, widow of Egypt's assassinated former president, Anwar Sadat. Photo: Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images

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Jehan Sadat was Egypt's First Lady until her husband, President Anwar Sadat, was assassinated in 1981. She has spent almost her whole life working to promote social justice and female empowerment.

Jehan developed a dislike of inequality when she was still at primary school.

Her mother was British and socialised openly with her father's friends, but when 8 year old Jehan went to her school friends' homes she found their mothers had to stay in the background and were not allowed to meet men outside the family.

Ever since, Jehan has devoted a large part of her life to fighting for women's rights in Egypt.

When she met Anwar Sadat at the age of 15, he had just been released from prison for the second time for trying to overthrow British rule.

Surprisingly, Jehan's UK connections did not put off her future husband.

Although her parents had some reservations about their daughter going off with a divorced, jobless revolutionary, the couple married and were happy together for 32 years.

But in 1981 Anwar was gunned down in front of her by extremists who were angry at his efforts to negotiate with Israel - efforts which won him a Nobel Peace prize but which cost him his life.

In the 30 years since his assassination, Mrs Sadat has tried to preserve his legacy through her work.

Mrs Sadat spoke to Outlook's Lucy Ash and began by describing how her 'stiff upper lip' mother had taught her to be fearless from a very early age.

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