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Chile miners' rescuer

Rescuer Manuel Gonzalez gets into the Fenix capsule, starting the rescue operation of the 33 trapped miners,at the San Jose mine, near Copiapo, Chile


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Manuel Gonzalez was the first man down into the San Jose mine to rescue the thirty three Chilean miners who'd been trapped there for more than two months. And he was the last to leave. He's now returned to his regular job as a safety officer at another mine.

Manuel has many years' experience as a mine rescuer, but he was entering unknown territory as the first person to travel in the rescue capsule.

He was greeted with joy by the waiting men. He says his most emotional moment was as he watched the first miner set off in the capsule on the 700 metre journey to the surface. He made technical checks as the remaining miners were brought to the surface, then made the same journey himself.

Manuel Gonzalez spoke to Outlook's Jo Fidgen and told her how he felt when he was chosen to make the journey down to the trapped miners.

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