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Trapped underground - a mother speaks

Trapped Chilean mine-worker Daniel Herrera's mother, Alicia Campos (right), and sister, Maria de la Luz Herrera (left), waiting for him outside the mine

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It is now more than a month since 33 men became trapped 700 metres below the surface in the San Jose gold and copper mine in Chile.

Engineers are laboriously cutting a rescue tunnel, but it will take at least another couple of months to free the men.

Experts from America's space agency, NASA, have been advising them on how to cope with their isolation and deprivation.

It is a desperate situation, but the trapped men have at least had some treats - a live feed of the Chilean football team playing Ukraine, hot dinners, and phone calls with their families.

One of the trapped men is Daniel Herrera.

Daniel is a lorry driver, who was working down the mine, but is not as accustomed to the underground conditions as the other miners.

His mother, Alicia Campos, and sister, Maria de la Luz Herrera, are waiting anxiously for him outside the mine.

They are camping out close to the mine, along with the other relatives, at a spot that has now been called Camp Hope.

Alicia and Maria spoke to Outlook and described their hopes and fears for Daniel, as they patiently wait and pray for his return.

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