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Staring at disability through a lens

Kevin Connolly (left); people staring at Kevin (right)

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People tend to stare at Kevin Michael Connolly. He's young, fit, and a champion skier, but the main reason for the stares is that Kevin was born without legs.

Doctors refer to this as a sporadic birth defect because his femur bones did not form in their sockets.

Kevin found that other people always stared at him and he became so fed up with this that he decided to stare back - through the lens of his camera.

He set off on a trip around the world, taking 32 000 pictures of people staring at him, in 31 cities in 15 different countries.

Now Kevin has published some of the photos as part of a memoir called Double Take.

When Matthew Bannister spoke to Kevin from his home town in Montana in the USA, Kevin told him that the first time he was aware of his condition was when he started school.

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