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Using hip-hop to make a difference

Jota Ramos in the Outlook studio

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Villa Rica is a town in south-western Colombia, where drugs and crime are rife.

There is increasing pressure for young people to join either the left wing guerrilla groups or the right wing paramilitary groups which surround the area.

Fearing an increasingly uncertain future of poverty in his hometown, Jota Ramos, a young Afro-Colombian is fighting for change in Villa Rica using hip-hop music.

I thought through my art I could show what my reality is really like.

Jota Ramos

He has set up a hip-hop group called Soporte Klan. Their songs focus on community issues and by getting young people involved in the group, he is taking them away from the temptation of drugs and street crime.

Jota Ramos is now touring Europe. He tells Matthew Bannister why he hopes to raise awareness of the plight of his community.

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