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The Speed Sisters

The Speed Sisters

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A group of Palestinian women have formed the West Bank's first all-female motor-racing team, called the Speed Sisters.

Suna Aweidah is the captain of this unconventional team of racing drivers. The eight-strong team is made up of Muslim and Christian women aged 18 to 39.

Not only are they challenging their male counterparts on the track, but also the often conservative nature of Middle Eastern society.

Suna Aweidah

Suna Aweidah, team captain [this photo (c) James Briggs, and top]

They recently competed in their first race as a team on what has always been a male-dominated circuit.

In another event they took part in, 50 competitors of both sexes had to race against the clock around the car park of a vegetable market in Jenin.

Matthew Bannister spoke to Suna Aweidah about how she came to be a competitor and how male attitudes towards her and the team have changed.

The Speed Sisters on the racing circuit

The Speed Sisters on the racing circuit

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