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Julie Nicholson

Jenny, Lizzie and mum Julie Nicholson

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52 people died and nearly 700 were injured when suicide bombers caused a series of explosions in London's transport system on July 7th 2005.

Among the dead was 24 year old Jenny Nicholson.

(Pictured left to right: Jenny, sister Lizzie and mum Julie)

Jenny's mother Julie was an Anglican Priest, based in Bristol in the West of England.

After Jenny's death, Julie gave up her job. She said she found she could no longer preach forgiveness from the pulpit whilst being unable to forgive the bombers who killed her daughter.

 Emergency services arrive at Edgware Road station following a series of explosions which has ripped through London's underground tube network

Emergency services arrive at Edgware Road station following a series of explosions in London.

Five years on, Julie has written a book called 'A Song for Jenny' in which she describes what she calls the "strange country of grief" and her own personal struggle with her faith.

Matthew Bannister spoke to Julie about the day of the bombings and how she and her family desperately tried to contact Jenny.

Julie Nicholson

Julie Nicholson

A Song For Jenny by Julie Nicholson is published by HarperCollins.

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