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The Aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide

Mary Blewitt

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Fifty members of Mary Kayitesi Blewitt's extended family were among the estimated one million people killed in the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

Following the assassination of the president, members of the Tutsi tribe and moderate Hutus were systematically slashed to death, raped and mutilated in a wave of ethnic cleansing by extremist Hutu militia.

For the last sixteen years, Mary has been working tirelessly to help the traumatised survivors.

She founded and ran a charity which has received international recognition.

But now the relentless pace of the work and the horrific stories she's been hearing have taken their toll and she's stepping back from the front line of the work.

To help come to terms with her experiences, she's now written a book called You Alone May Live.

When the genocide happened, Mary was living between London and Ethiopia where her husband was working for a charity.

She knew her brother and sister were in Rwanda but she couldn't get any information about them.

Then, three months after the killings began, her sister called to say that their brother had been killed in the first week of the genocide.

Mary spoke to Matthew Bannister and described her reaction when she received that call.

You Alone May Live by Mary Kayitesi Blewitt will be published in April by Biteback publishing

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