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Face to face with lions

Greg Du Toit

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South African photographer Greg du Toit spent almost a year squatting in a waterhole in Kenya's Great Rift Valley waiting to get a close-up of wild nomadic lions.

Greg had noticed fresh lion droppings beside the water hole, and knew that it would only be a matter of time before the elusive creatures returned.

So he waited patiently for many months, submerging his whole body in the muddy pool for hours on end.

Eventually he was rewarded with a stunning set of photographs showing the lions staring directly into the camera from just a few feet away.

They've now been published around the world, but Greg also paid a heavy price for his success - he picked up a variety of unpleasant diseases from the water.

Greg du Toit told Matthew Bannister about the extraordinary lengths he went to get those shots.

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