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How To Make Your First Billion Blog: Part 10

National Park Montana

Jake and Meg left for life in the mountains of Montana

Extract from the Wolf Mountain News, a local newspaper in Montana. Interview by staff reporter Kyle Connor.

From Valley to Mountain

Silicon Valley whizz-kids make a home in the hills

Just one year ago, Jake Armstrong and his lovely wife Meg were a pair of hot-shot entrepreneurs kick-starting a new company into life in the pressure cooker that is Silicon Valley.

Then they swapped the office for the open sky - and skies don’t come bigger than the one we're blessed with here in Montana. I started off asking Jake and Meg what they miss about that California, West Coast life:

JA: Not a lot. This is a great time in our life. For the first time in a long time we have time for each other.

MA: And for Hannah. We wanted her to have a mountain to call her own. Not that we've bought the whole mountain!

KC: I hear you did well when you took your company to market.

JA: Well, you know, we did good. But you know, money's not the whole thing. Last night Hannah decided she didn’t need sleep so all three of us sat on the porch here and watched the night sky. There they were - the first shooting stars I've ever seen.

KC: So what's the long term for you guys - are you here for good?

MA: Absolutely.

KC: Jake?

JA: We’re very happy. Chopping wood. Taking time. Shooting the breeze. I've always been a pretty relaxed and laid back kind of guy. so I can't see myself ever wanting to dive back into that high-pressure, exciting, crazy kind of world. Can you see me do that Meg?

MA: I can't see a relaxed, laid-back kind of guy doing that Jake. No way.

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How To Make Your First Billion

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