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The Art of Online Photography

Russian online photographer Dmitry Shatrov discusses how the internet and new technologies have changed the art of photography.

Tibet: Photos by Dmitry Shatrov

  • Sunset over a mountain in Tibet
  • Colourful flags tied on a mountain in Tibet
  • View of mountain range in Tibet
  • Close up of Tibetan woman's eyes
  • Tibetan woman at a temple
  • People walking across square in Tibet
  • Painted stones and bones on a mountain in Tibet
  • Tibetan man and woman walking through snow
  • Temple at night in Tibet

"I went to Tibet two years ago – 5200 metres above sea level - nothing there, only freezing cold. I had my iPhone on me. Amazingly enough 3G was working there. I started taking pictures…

I have a blog in click Live Journal. It all started like a hobby but for the last five years it has become my lifestyle, I felt this urge to share things I see.

I used to publish my pictures in different magazines but I never got any feedback from readers. Did they like it? I never knew the answer. Now I take a picture, post it and get comments almost immediately.

The most exiting feedback is when a reader decides to go to the same place and see what I saw. This kind of thing mobilises you and gives you an enormous motivation to work harder.

A negative thing about the internet is this huge amount of information. Sometimes it is difficult to judge what is good and what is not. On the other hand, many good things are lost in deep corners of the web.

Photographer Dmitry Shatrov

Dmitry Shatrov started blogging 5 years ago as a hobby

As an online photographer I feel responsible for what I choose to publish. There is no editor for the internet.

I used to have an editor who commissioned pictures. I knew what was expected from me. Today I decide myself what to shoot. It is freedom but it has its own difficulties too.

At the same time as the internet became more available, photo cameras transformed too and digital technologies took over.

Camera film has disciplined photographers a lot. It took a long time to adjust everything before pressing the button. Today everyone feels like a professional photographer, but it is not that simple."

SuperPower: Exploring The Internet

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