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How To Make Your First Billion Blog: Part 5

Thomas Lazur

Actor Thomas Lazur plays 3timesg's enthusiastic founder Jake Armstrong

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Memo From Brett Berger to his colleagues in Cape Mango Capital

Greenbacks Go Green

Business model

Attractive concept - pure play. Brokerage, advertising and information trading.

Low overhead; capital cost of entering the market low.

Significant costs involved in achieving dominant market position. Need to refine the role of the 'green projects'.

Challenge to keep focus when the goal is to position the site at the heart of so many different parts of the green economy.


Relationship risk. Jake Armstrong and Meg Gleeson are partners - we don't want messy domestic issues distracting from the hard work of building the business.

Competitor risk. There are many green sites out there - though none with exactly the ambition of this one.

Macro risk. Tough times mean people are less worried about saving the planet, and more about keeping their job and feeding their family. Could send the green/organic economy into a tailspin.

Management team

I like Jake. Energy, passion, commitment. Good track record of failure behind him.

Nathan I know about. Kooky but brilliant.

Subash kept his counsel but came out with a killer line.


My strong view is yes, but we all know Cape Mango’s investment rules.

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How To Make Your First Billion

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