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How To Make Your First Billion Blog: Part 3

Kip Baldwin

Actor Kip Baldwin playes 3timesg's first investor, Uncle Ned

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Letter from Uncle Ned to Jake

Dear Jake,

Heard today that I don't get bail. Tomorrow, I hand myself in.

I have to write this as a letter - they took away my computer when they came looking for evidence.

Jake, I am so sorry. I put my hand in the cookie jar.

It was too easy. No one saw what I did, so I did it again. And again.

I used to do this speech when I was Guest of "Honor" at graduation days. (Have to put the speech marks in as "honor" and I have parted company.)

I talked about how from tiny acorns great oaks grow.

Well the acorn your Uncle Ned planted was a poison seed. Grew faster than a weed in a pumpkin patch.

I can’t believe what I've done and the harm I've caused.

Coming out of court today the sun was high up in the sky. Cool, clean smell from the lime trees along the sidewalk.

Fine-looking woman walked up to me, gave a big broad smile. And then spat in my face.

Right there, right in my face.

I'd caused her harm, taken dollars, given nothing back, cheated her of what she had. And I had no idea who she was.

After she spat, and before the cop could pull her away, she screamed at me, one single word. Scumbag.

Jake, I'm in a strange place. Not the man I thought I was.

If ever I get through this, if I ever have any kind of power, I'll do my best for you.

I know that sounds about as much use as a fine-tooth comb to a egg-bald man. But I mean it.

Look after Meg. Make your company work Jake. Make it happen.

Your loving Uncle Ned.

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