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The Real Sharona

My Sharona: Sharona Alperin on the record cover of My Sharona

Every day for more than 30 years people have been singing Sharona Alperin's name back at her.

Now she's a property agent for the rich and famous in Los Angeles, but as a teenager in the late1970s she was the girl immortalised in the rock song My Sharona by The Knack.

It was number one in the US singles chart for six weeks in 1979, sold six million copies, and since then has been revived many times in multiple cover versions and film soundtracks.

It even hit the headlines when it was revealed to be one of the tracks on then President, George W Bush's mp3 player.

Now, after the death of the song's co-writer Doug Fieger on St Valentine's day, Outlook has tracked down the woman who inspired him.

Speaking to Roger Hearing from Los Angeles, Sharona Alperin told him about the lifelong impact of Doug's attraction to her, living with that name, and how much she still continues to like the song.

My Sharona: Sharona Alperin today

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