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SuperPower: Finding Love Online

In an increasingly connected world, more and more people are turning to online dating services to find that special person.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a new BBC World Service global poll shows that almost one in three web users regard the internet as a good place to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

A couple in love

The poll of 10,976 internet users across 19 countries, reveals that India and Pakistan are among the countries with the greatest numbers of enthusiasts for online introductions.59% of Indians and 60% of Pakistanis who use the internet regularly regard it as a good place to find a partner.

Other countries where high proportions of internet users feel the same way include Ghana (47%) and the Philippines (42%).

In contrast, fewer Americans (21%), South Koreans (16%), British (28%), and French (27%) think the idea of finding a partner online was a good one.

Men and women

The poll also showed a difference in attitudes between men and women. 33 per cent of men regard the internet as a good place to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, compared to 27 per cent of women. Respondents aged 18 to 24 are the most enthusiastic (36%) - but even among those aged over 65, more than one in five (23%) regard the internet as a good place to find a partner.

The results are drawn from a larger survey of public attitudes towards the internet, which forms part of the SuperPower season looking at the power of the internet to change people's lives in extraordinary ways.

What's your story?

BBC World Service's daily programme, Outlook, is turning its attention to the role of the internet as matchmaker. The team are on the hunt for global stories of love found online, and for first-hand experiences of those who have turned to the web to find their perfect partner.

If you have an interesting story to tell, or experience to share, then please e-mail the team at

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