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Combat Barbie

Katrina Hodge - photos: Adrian Harlen, Graham Stone

Photos by Adrian Harlen and Graham Stone

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Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge is also known to her fellow soldiers as Combat Barbie.

The 22 year old Lance Corporal from the Adjutant General's Corps has served in the army since the age of 16.

She deployed to Iraq just after her 18th birthday, and it was during this tour that she received a commendation for bravery.

But she also has a more glamorous alter-ego, wearing sparkly dresses as the current Miss England.

After initially coming second in the beauty contest, she stepped in to represent England in the Miss World competition after the original winner withdrew.

And now Katrina is on sabbatical from the British Army while she completes her time as Miss England.

Katrina came into the Outlook studio in her Miss England crown and six inch heels and Lucy Ash asked her if she had always wanted to be in the army.

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