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Gustave - Burundi's killer crocodile

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Gustave the killer crocodile has been terrorising the locals of Lake Tanganyika in Burundi for the last 20 years. He is over six metres long, weighs a tonne and has allegedly eaten over 200 people.

Using his fearsome tail, he has been known to swipe children playing on the shore of the lake, and has been caught on camera hitting a fisherman.

Gustave the crocodile

Now Frenchman and Burundi resident, Patrice Faye has become a local hero after devoting his life to capturing the killer.

But so far Gustave has proved too clever for him.

At first Patrice wanted to kill the crocodile, but now he has decided to try to trap him and fit him with a tracking device so locals know his whereabouts.

Matthew Bannister spoke to Patrice and asked him all about his crocodile foe adversary.

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