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Dance Like Michael Jackson

Lavelle Smith Junior was Michael Jackson's choreographer, friend, and dancer for more than 20 years.

He's created a Jacko-inspired dance sequence called The Outlook, especially for you, the Outlook listeners.

Here's Lavelle's step-by-step guide to dancing The Outlook

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Send us your Michael Jackson inspired photos and videos

Why don't you have a look and try The Outlook dance moves for yourself?

Take a photo or video on your digital camera or mobile phone of you attempting the routine, or part of it. Or you could just pose doing a Jackson move.

Send the pictures to us and we'll create a web gallery of Outlook listeners from all over the world dancing like Michael Jackson.

click Follow this link to upload your photos and videos of you dancing or posing like Michael Jackson

Lavelle Smith Junior

Working with Michael Jackson since the eighties, Lavelle created some of his most iconic moves and choreographed many of his most stunning performances, including the History, Bad and Dangerous tours, and music videos for The Way You Make Me Feel, Black or White and Scream.

Since Michael Jackson's death last June, Jackson’s dancing has continued to inspire people all over the world.

The moon walk and other innovative moves led some to call Jackson "one of the greatest dancers of the twentieth century."

Recently in Britain, Lavelle Smith Junior fronted a television dance competition called Move Like Michael Jackson, alongside Michael's brother Jermaine Jackson.

And now that TV dance contest is to be launched around the world.

Lavelle came to the Outlook studio to talk to Lucy Ash. He described the gruelling show rehearsals and what it would have meant to Michael's children to see him perform live.

And he also told Lucy how he and Michael would get inspiration by watching old Hollywood movies and sneaking out to spy on street dancers in California.

choreographer Lavelle Smith Junior dancing with Michael Jackson

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