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Cycling the Americas

Mark Beaumont in Peru: stopping mid-way up a 15 km climb to enjoy the view

Mark Beaumont in Peru: stopping mid-way up a 15 km climb to enjoy the view

Mark Beaumont is a Scottish cyclist who was been undertaking an epic cycle challenge - a 15000 mile solo journey from Alaska to Argentina.

Mark is well qualified for the trip as he holds the World Record for cycling solo around the world.

However this time he's set himself a second type of challenge - to also get off his bike and climb the two highest peaks in the Americas.

Along the way, he's recording his travels for a documentary which will appear on BBC television, as well as writing about his experiences on his blog and on Twitter.

Outlook spoke to Mark in May when he was about to set off on his journey.

Now, part-way through his trip, Matthew Bannister got in touch with Mark again and asked him all about the places that he's reached so far.

Visit Mark's blog to follow his trip - click cyclingtheamericas

Mark Beaumont on the road in Peru

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