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WLTM: A Jewish Princess

The man who Would Like To Meet a 'Jewish princess': looking for love in the New York dating scene.

Could she be The One? Tim dates a 'Jewish princess'

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It's tough to find true love, and tougher still to find The One.

After Tim Samuels went to seven weddings in seven weeks he decided time was running out, and vowed that he would move quickly.

So the 33 year old British journalist set himself a challenge - to find a bride in just one week.

Being Jewish, he wanted a bride of the same faith, and imagined a life with a 'Jewish princess'.

So after hearing about New York's celebrated Jewish dating scene, Tim headed off to the Big Apple to see who he could meet.

Could she be The One? Tim dates a 'Jewish princess'

Could she be The One? Tim dates a 'Jewish princess'

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