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Brave Face, Real Beauty

Brave Face: Katie Piper - courage after a brutal acid attack

Brave Face: Katie Piper - courage after a brutal acid attack

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Two years ago, Katie Piper had her whole life ahead of her - she was 24 years old, working as a model and TV presenter, and enjoying life as a young woman in London.

But then something happened which was to change her life forever.

A man called Danny Lynch, whom she met on a social networking internet site, sent an accomplice to throw acid in her face.

Katie was left fighting for her life and suffering from horrific, disfiguring burns to her face, chest and arms.

In the course of the last 24 months, Katie has had to endure more than 30 operations.

She still bears the scars of the attack and has to wear a transparent perspex face mask 23 hours a day.

Earlier this year the men who attacked her were sentenced to long prison terms by the British courts.

And now Katie has made a TV documentary about the attack and the revolutionary treatment that has re-built her face.

Katie came into the Outlook studio to meet Matthew Bannister, and described the trauma of the attack and how she’s bravely moved on since.

Katie Piper before the acid attack

Katie Piper before the acid attack

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