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A kind of forgiveness

Jo Berry and Patrick Magee

Jo Berry and Patrick Magee

Patrick Magee is a former member of the IRA, a man who was given 8 life sentences for a bomb blast at the annual conference of the then governing Conservative Party 25 years ago.

In the event, five people died, with many more injured.

Patrick Magee, the man who planted the bomb, was released from jail after 13 years as a result of the Good Friday Agreement which started the process of normalisation after thirty years of conflict in Northern Ireland.

And this week ironically he's addressing a meeting in the Houses of Parliament, the very institution he sought to destroy.

Sitting next to him in that meeting will be the daughter of one of the people Patrick Magee killed, Jo Berry, daughter of Sir Anthony Berry, then a Conservative member of parliament.

It's not the first time they've met to discuss forgiveness but, as they chatted with Outlook's George Arney, new truths began to emerge.

Jo Berry and Patrick Magee

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