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Your eyes

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Montage of eyes, snapped on mobile phones by Outlook listeners.

Montage of eyes, snapped on mobile phones by Outlook listeners.

Send us a picture from your mobile phone.

Inspired by photographer click Joel Grey, we are asking you to send in a picture of your eye, taken on your phone. (Please remember, if your phone has a flash, to switch it off!)

email your images to:

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A word from Matthew...

Matthew Bannister's eye

"The response has been amazing and it seems to bring me much closer to our listeners. I've taken to putting the montage on my screen in the studio during the programme so I feel that whilst I'm presenting it I'm looking the listeners directly in the eye! I also find it really intriguing to look closely at the montage to speculate about who the people behind the eyes might be. Thanks so much for taking part. I hope in the future we might be able to use the montage as a kind of logo for the programme - it would be very appropriate for a show called Outlook."

Matthew Bannister


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