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Joel Grey - actor, photographer

Matthew Bannister snaps a phone camera pic

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Joel Grey is an award winning star of stage and screen, winning an Oscar in 1972 for his performance as the Master of Ceremonies the film Cabaret.

He's now 77, and in recent years his career has taken a small change of direction. He's now a photographer too.

Joel recently published his latest book of photographs, titled '1.3', which were all taken with his cell phone. The title refers to the capability in megapixels of his in-phone camera.

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We were impressed with Joel's image of an eye and decided we would ask you to send in a picture of your eye, taken on your phone. (Please remember, if your phone has a flash, to switch it off!)

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The eyes you have emailed in so far...

  • Montage of eyes, snapped on mobile phones by Outlook listeners.



Some more of Joel's images

6 from 1.3 - Photo's by Joel Grey

In the Studio, Matthew and Joel took pictures of each others' eyes using their phones.

Matthew Bannister and Joel Grey compare results in the Outlook studio.

Matthew Bannister and Joel Grey compare results.

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