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Living the high life

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Arianne Cohen is 6' 3" tall. Because of her height, she's had people pointing at her in the street and often feels uncomfortable if she's towering over shorter people.

Arianne's mother was very tall but took treatment to control her growth. Arianne says that parental attitudes to height can affect how children feel about being tall or short.

However, she wouldn't want to be shorter. Although people made fun of her when she was younger, she now thinks that being tall is an advantage. Arianne says that taller people tend to take on leadership roles and consequently do better in their careers.

She's used to standing out. She travelled to Cambodia where she was a public sensation. Similarly, she dated a man who was over 7 feet tall. People would take photographs of them in the street.

Although tall women do well in their careers, Arianne also says they tend to have fewer children as they don't like going out with people who are shorter than they are.

Arianne told Outlook's Valerie Sanderson (5' 2") that her advice to tall women is to 'date down'!

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