Part Three: the East

Part Three: the East

US bus trip east

The economic story

Starting in the capital of country music, Nashville, Steve Evans hosted the third part of the journey, travelling through West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, whilst taking in some of American politics' biggest themes: healthcare and the economy.

The journey ended in New York, on America's East Coast.

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Palisades, New York

Wall Street





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Palisades, New York

The bus ended its journey in Palisades, New York, where the Bridges family gave Steve Evans their take on the the presidential elections and the Talking America bus trip.

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Wall Street

Wall Street

Wall Street is reeling from the economic crisis

The bus arrived in Wall Street, where Steve Evans met traders and bankers at the heart of the global financial crisis.

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

On a misty morning on the site of the battle of Gettysburg, Steve Evans reflected on the way history informs modern day politics.

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Akron, Ohio

At a car show in Akron, Steve Evans met a Democrat who said he would not be voting for Barack Obama.

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He also met five teenagers in a burger restaurant, and asked them how they perceive America - and what they would like to change about it.

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Madison, West Virginia

The bus went to the heart of America's "coal country" to explore some of the dilemmas the new president will have to get to grips with: jobs versus the environment; coal-owner versus union; the need for coal versus the need for green energy.

Listen Listen to Steve Evans in West Virginia (2 mins 11 secs)

Many in this part of West Virginia liked pro-coal President Bush.

Steve Evans spoke to old-timers Billy Mitchell and Doug King:

Listen Listen to Billy Mitchell and Doug King (2 mins 16 secs)

But the constant effort to spring coal from the ground has a deep impact on the environment - a concern for activists such as Julian Martin of the West Virginia Highland Conservancy:

Listen Listen to Julian Martin (3 mins 15 secs)

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Keeneland, Kentucky

Steve Evans visited the Kentucky races in the town of Keeneland, to find out how worried people are by the financial turmoil.

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