One Planet: best of the Amazon Paradox

One Planet: best of the Amazon Paradox

Soldier stands guard in front of a truck loaded with illegal logs in Para

February saw 200 troops go into Para to crack down on logging

BBC World Service's One Planet programme presents a special edition bringing you the very best of the Amazon Paradox.

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The programme includes:

  • An in-depth report from the heart of Para, following Operation Arc Of Fire - the major police effort to stop deforestation across three major Amazon states.
  • A look at how the government of Amazonas State is trying to save its forests by building up other economic institutions, including a free trade zone, industrial capacity, and thriving cultural institutions - with everything from Roger Waters to operettas about chocolate cake.
  • The factors putting a sustainable Amazon under sustained pressure - the people who say they do not want to log, but cannot survive if they do not; the lobbying of the agriculture ministry and land reform agency; and the sceptics calling for "broader discussion" and more food production.
  • An exclusive interview with the British Prince Of Wales, calling for a better integrated rural development programme which "makes forests more valuable alive than dead."
  • And a look at one beef farmer successfully avoiding impacting on the forest - while at the same time still making a profit.