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The BBC World Service is dedicating Thursday 15th of May to the Amazon.

The Amazon Paradox focuses on the economic and environmental state of the region.

As part of this special day, The Beat is joined by 'Forro in the Dark', a Brazilian band who incorporate Amazonian instruments in to their sound.

The distinct sound of the flute that they play - the pifano, is from the region of Cariri, north-east of Brazil.

The pifano is a wooden flute made of bamboo, it resembles a bansuri - an Indian flute and is played sideways.

The pifano descends from the Cariri Indians, who believe that they originated from an enchanted Amazonian lake.

They were driven out of the Amazon by another tribe, the Tupy as well as by the Europeans.

The came to inhabit the Crato Region, one of the main Forro Regions of Brazil - this is where Forro music takes it Amazonian roots.

Forro music can best be described as Brazilian country music.

It uses simple melodies and interesting lyrics - driven rhythm that makes you want to dance.

'Forro in the Dark' are not a traditional forro band, they bring an updated style of the music to the club-goers of New York City.

Listen to the group play a live session and talk about the roots of their music on The Beat.