How & When to Listen

You can listen to BBC World Service in English on a range of platforms, including online, satellite and cable, digital radio, internet radio, AM, FM and short wave.

How do you want to listen?

  • On radio (AM, FM, SW)

    The BBC World Service broadcasts to many parts of the world via short wave, AM and FM relays. Read More Read More

  • Online

    Listen live and listen again to all our radio programmes. Most are available to listen on demand for seven days after broadcast, some are available indefinitely. Find out what’s on BBC World Service today. Read More Read More

  • Podcast

    Subscribe to and download BBC World Service programmes for free and listen wherever and whenever you want. Read More Read More

  • Digital radio (UK/Europe)

    In the UK, you can listen on all digital platforms: DAB digital radio, Freeview, satellite, cable and broadband. Europe uses DRM which allows digital broadcasting on AM (long, medium and short wave) can be heard in some areas on DRM receivers. Read More Read More

  • Internet radio

    Listen to our programmes via internet radios which connect to your home broadband connection, usually via Wi-fi. Read More Read More

  • Satellite & cable

    BBC World Service is available by satellite and cable in many parts of the world, including Europe, the Middle East and the Gulf, Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, the USA and Australasia. Read More Read More

  • Mobile

    You can listen to BBC World Service on your mobile phone by typing in into your phone's browser. You can also listen if your mobile phone has a FM receiver or if you have an internet-enabled mobile phone. Read More Read More