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Four invited guests question who really runs the world.
In full text and audio - or as summaries of the key points in each lecture.
Dr Hanan Ashrawi
Humanizing Globalisation
"the emergence of a global elite is increasingly apparent."
Dr Hanan Ashrawi Prof Ali Mazrui 2.
Prof Ali Mazrui
Pretender to Universalism: Western Culture in the Globalising Age
"Paradoxically, the cultural Westernization of the Muslim world is one of the causes behind the demographic Islamization of the West"
Dr Sergei Karaganov
Russia's Uneasy Dance with the West
"what is unbelievable is not how bitterly Russia failed, but how well it performed"

Dr Sergei Karaganov
Kishore Mahbubani 4.
Kishore Mahbubani
The Rest of the West
"The real challenge non-Western societies will face in the 21st century will be in deciding which Western layers to retain and which to unravel."
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