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Witness IV
Five more people recall their experiences of the most important events of the century so far.
Emiliano Zapata

Scoop Of The Century
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Clare Hollingworth was born in 1911, and at the age of twenty-eight went to Poland for the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. She borrowed a car and drove over the border into Germany where she happened to see rows and rows of massed tanks which meant only one thing - an imminent German invasion. When she rang London to tell them the Second World War had started there was disbelief. Hear this veteran war correspondent tell her story - after WWII she travelled all over the world reporting from war zones from Algeria to Vietnam. She says she only feels frightened going in a lift.

Rosa Khedirian

Living In Hitler's Bunker
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At the age of 16 Armin Lehmann was drafted into the Hitler Youth movement, and met Adolf Hitler at the celebrations for his birthday on 20 April 1945. Lehmann became one of Hitler's last couriers, running messages to and from the bunker to the naval headquarters and Reich Chancellery for emergency medical supplies in Berlin. For the last ten days of the war Lehmann hardly slept until Hitler's suicide on April 30th. The following night, Lehmann and the rest of the couriers broke out of the bunker - he was shot but survived, and has no memory of how many days he remained unconscious.

Jack Cardiff

Watching The President Die
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Jeff Franzen was six years old when he witnessed one of the seminal events of the last fifty years. On Friday 22 November 1963, he went on a shopping trip to Dallas with his parents, but instead they joined the crowds waiting to see President John F. Kennedy pass by in his car. When the car was ten yards in front of Jeff, a shot rang out and the president slumped forward. Jeff remembers stuff like confetti being thrown up into the air, and blood getting mixed up with the red roses Jacqueline Kennedy was holding.

Richard Beath

Bloody Sunday and Its Aftermath
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Richard Beath was a Platoon commander in the British army from 1972-77. He and his troops were sent to Ulster immediately after the violence of Bloody Sunday - and in the months which followed, the Irish Republican Army stepped up their offensive against the British. 1972 was the worst year for casualties amongst British soldiers in Ireland. He remembers one day in particular, when a soldier he commanded was shot in front of him on the Crumlin Road.

Ibrahim Yazdi A Centenarian For The Twenty First Century
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Molly Garth was born in Jamaica on the first of January 1900. This means that the first day of the new Millennium is also her hundredth birthday. She hopes to live many more years, travelling between her many children based in the Caribbean, America and the UK. She describes notable events in her long life.
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