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I Believe
How religious faith has affected our lives over the last century.
John Sobrino Christianity For The Poor
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John Sobrino is a Catholic priest who has lived most of his life in El Salvador. He believes that Christianity should be the religion of the poor. He explains why he espouses 'Liberation Theology' - a form of Catholicism that emphasises the need for social change and the protection of human rights.
Ravil Bukharaev Finding A Faith
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Ravil Bukharaev was born a Muslim, but growing up in the atheist Soviet Union he didn't get the chance to follow his religion. He now lives in London and has found a branch of Islam that satisfies his need for a spiritual aspect to his life.
Kazuo Chiba Divine Emperor
Transcript Read
Until the Japanese surrenderd at the end of the Second World War the Emperor of Japan had the status of a god. Kazuo Chiba was one of the very few japanese citizens who had the extraordinary privilege of meeting the Emperor before he lost his divinity.

Angela Bernes-Wilson

Women Pioneers
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Five years ago the Church of England admitted women to its priesthood for the first time. Angela Bernes Wilson was one of the first to be ordained.

Johanen Eickoff

Religion Versus Career
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When he was a boy Johanen Eickhoff just wanted to be like everyone else in the German community where he lived. It was only as an adult that he decided to practise Orthodox Judaism. He explains how expressing his faith lost him his job.
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