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Secret State
A look at the secretive world of spies and state security systems of the last century.
Hermann Arndt I Kidnapped Adolf Eichmann
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Hermann Arndt was a high-ranking agent of Mossad, the Israeli secret service, and in 1960 was sent to Argentina to track down the notorious Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. After weeks spent spying on Eichmann who was living in a slum outside Buenos Aires, Hermann Arndt was sure he had the right man. He kidnapped Eichmann, flew him to Israel in disguise where he was tried and executed on 31st May 1962. (Hermann Arndt has written his autobiography: 'On Life and Death, the Tale of a Lucky Man', published by the Minerva Press in 1998 under his Israeli name of Zvi Aharoni)

Ruth Goldberg

Hounded By The FBI
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Ruth Goldberg tells her story of small-town American politics in the early fifties during the McCarthy anti-communist era. Married to a Marxist and a labour lawyer, when Ruth stood for election as president of her local parents teachers association she was denounced as a left-wing activist. Her six year old son was told by neighbours that his mother ought to be stood against a wall and shot. Many years later Ruth was allowed to see her FBI file - and says it was hoplessly inept, saying she was a friend of 'dangerous communists' - people she had never even met. She calls her experience a microcosm of the Cold War.

Angelina Marin Operation Condor
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Juan Mendez is an Argentinian lawyer who was arrested in 1975 tortured, and held in detention for eighteen months. In prison he realised that he and many thousands of others were the victim of Operation Condor, the covert cooperation between Latin American countries to hand-over those considered to be left-wing activists and dissidents. Set up by General Pinochet, in one instance Operation Condor operatives rounded up more than a hundred Chileans in Paraguay and Brazil, returned them to Chile where they were summarily killed. Operation Condor has been described as a 'common market of terror'.

Chingiz Abdullayev Spies Of The Cold War
Chingiz Abdullayev says his job during the Cold War was to provide security for spies. He worked for the Ministry of Defence of the Soviet Union, and as such participated in meetings between Soviet and Western spies. He started writing novels when a friend was killed by a shotgun blast in Angola in 1983. At the age of forty, Chingiz Abdullayev now writes best-selling detective novels. He has sold fifteen million books, and says he only writes about real people.
Mata Hari

The Seductive Spy
Audio Listen
Mata Hari was a spy for the Germans who became a double agent for the French during the First World War. She is famous for her seductions, and the incautious 'pillow talk' she elicited from her different lovers. Mata Hari has been blamed for the death of fifty thousand men and the prosecutor at her trial in 1917 said 'The evil that this woman has done is unbelievable. This is perhaps the greatest woman spy of the century'. Her biographer, Julie Wheelwright, explores the truth behind the myth of Mata Hari, and explains how this great spy-seductress was more inept than dangerous, and her life a tragi-comedy rather than high drama.
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