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Workers of the World
My Century takes a look at working life last century.

Forty Years Underground
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Vladimir Yakovlevich Titarev, born in 1937, has been a miner in Donetsk, Ukraine for forty years. Miners used to be heroes of the Soviet state; winning medals and plaudits. But the dream's turned sour - now Vladimir can't retire because his state pension is too small.

Married To The Company
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Hitoshi Iemura describes his life as a Japanese salaryman, working in Tokyo as a property consultant - a job he expected to be a lifetime commitment. But the economic downturn in Japan has meant the culture of the salaryman is dying, and Hitoshi is worried.
A Banker's Life
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What's it like to be in your twenties, and earning far more than most people can ever dream of? Robert Rigg is a trader in the City of London, where some bankers recently received annual bonuses of a million pounds. Listen to Robert's story of dealing in the international financial markets.
Strikes In Indonesia
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By accident rather than design, at the age of twenty-one, Emi Sukarni found herself leading a strike against her employers at an underwear factory in Jakarta. The strike was peaceful, but the personal penalty for Emi was to lose her job. She describes her growing disillusion with big factory bosses, and the humiliating working conditions for a cheap labour force.

Model Ford Worker
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Paul Batin from Newcastle, Pennsylvania, travelled across America with his family to the Ford Motor plant in Detroit as a young boy in 1927. When he got there he found the Ford factory very different from what he'd hoped. He tells the story of the Model T Ford from the inside, as a teenager working on the factory floor.
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