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In Exile
Five people recall their experiences of exile.
Farah Pahlavi Iranian Exile
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Farah Pahlavi was married to the Shah of Iran for twenty years. On 16 January 1979, as the country was in the midst of an Islamic revolution, she and the Shah left the country never to return. The former empress tells the story of the months that followed when she and her husband travelled the world in the hope of finding a country that would welcome them.
Audeh Rantisi

Palestinian Exile
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Audeh Rantisi is an ordained minister in the Anglican Church living in Ramallah in the West Bank. He remembers the day in July 1948 when Israeli soldiers drove his family, along with hundreds of others, out of the town of Lydda in Palestine, to a future of exile and uncertainty.

Vera Broido Siberian Exile
Vera Broido was born in St Petersburg in 1907, the daughter of two Russian Jewish revolutionaries. In 1914 when Vera was only seven, her mother was exiled to Western Siberia for her anti-war attitudes; so Vera boarded the Transiberian Express and set off with her mother for a place so far away that even the newspapers didn't reach her.
Meenakshi Sundriyal Family Exile
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Meenakshi Sundriyal comes from a Brahmin, upper caste Hindu family in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. Khurshid Ali also comes from Uttar Pradesh, but from a Muslim Orthodox family. The two of them decided to get married after having met at university in Delhi. It was a decision for which they paid a high price as both their families rejected them. Even when Meenakshi gave birth to her mother's first grandchild her mother refused to visit her.
Christina Navarrete Exile From Chile
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Christina Navarrete was exiled from Chile in 1976. She had been involved in student activities supporting the socialist government of Salvador Allende. President Allende was killed in a military coup in September 1973. As a result of the coup Christina Navarrete was detained, tortured, imprisoned and finally sent into exile to England. More than twenty years later and still living in England she says that exile has robbed her of her identity; she now longer feels Chilean, but neither does she feel British.
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