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Women of the World
Women who sought to change the world around them.
Richard Pankhurst Womens' Suffrage

Richard Pankhurst is the son of the suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst who campaigned tirelessly for women to have the vote in Britain in the early part of this century. He describes the lengths to which his mother went in order to achieve her aims: these included hunger and thirst strikes and numerous stints in prison.

Israeli Flag

Front Line Combat
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Fighting under the Israeli flag: Netiva Ben Yehuda is one of only a small group of Israeli women to have seen front line combat. She joined the Jewish underground in 1946 and a year later found herself fighting against the Arabs. She remembers some of the operations she was involved in and what it was like to fight alongside men.

Kiran Bedi Formidable Warden
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Kiran Bedi is India's best-known policewoman. As Delhi's Inspector-General of Prisons she is in charge of the notorious Tihar jail which is home to some 9,000 inmates. Kiran Bedi's goal has been to pull the prisoners out of their hopelessness, a task which she argues had produced some radical results and which she says has been augmented by the fact that she is a woman.
(Photo taken by Ajay Goyal)
Lynne Abraham Firm Convictions
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Lynne Abraham has been called 'America's Most Deadly District Attorney'. As one of the country's best known lawyers and advocates of the death penalty, Lynne Abraham talks about her life and her work and explains why she believes capital punishment is the only way families of murder victims can get justice.
Cheryl Carolus

Defining Struggle
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Cheryl Carolus is the South African High Commissioner in London. She describes how the struggle against apartheid defined her whole life and led ultimately to her becoming the first South African woman to represent her country to Britain.
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