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My name is Molly Garth. I was born on the lst of January, 1900, in Jamaica.

My earliest recollection is when I was about four years old, and I saw a motor car. It was in the buggy days - the horse and buggy days. The first time I heard a motor car and the first time I saw it - that was a thrill. (Laughs) Oh yes, I'll never forget that - what it looked like (laughs) and the speed it went at. And I saw a plane land in the harbour - another early recollection.

I remember the earthquake of 1907. I've never forgotten that. It destroyed Port Royale and Kingston. You could hear the things in the cupboards shaking and rattling. I remember that vividly. And a hurricane. That was frightening too - more so than the earthquake. (Laughs). I was just three years old, but I remember that. You could see the trees, you know. (Laughs). 1903.

I got married very early. I got married when I was 17. And I had eight children, so there was no travelling (laughs). Four girls and four boys. I enjoyed it, bringing up my children. Women stayed at home with their children. And for a woman to go and start working - it was a shock: to know she could leave her children to go to buy material things.

Life was simpler then - much, much, much simpler.

My son that's here now - he went to the War; he went to the last War. My son came to me and said: "Mum, I'm going to volunteer". He was just about 19. I said: "If that's what you want, dear." It was hard. But that's what he wanted. And I wouldn't deprive him of that.

The first time I travelled on a plane, I was 49. Oh, my husband was terrified when I got on the plane for the first time. (Laughs). He was terrified. Not until this day - I'm not frightened of a plane. I'll go on it any time. If I'm to die there, I'll die there. (Laughs). I'm never frightened of a plane.

My husband died in '52. And then my children sponsored me to go to the States. At the same time, my children in England sponsored me to come up to visit with them. The places that I've travelled to have been beautiful, and the people that we met wonderful. And the children have been so lovely, and in touch all the time. A blessing - God's blessing.

I have 53 great-grandchildren; seven great-great; 28 grands. I have taken pictures with the fifth generation.

None of my friends are alive. And when I was having children, they would say to me: "You're following the Bible. You're having your quiver full of them. We're not having more than three, though." (Laughs). "You're following the Bible, having so many children." (Laughs). Great times, great times.

It's people that make the world go round, you know: the love that they give out and let flow towards you. And if you can give it back to others, it makes the world a better place to live in. It does.