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I have a right to...
I have a right
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Your rights are universal, but not everyone agrees on their interpretation or how they should be upheld. Below you can link to four programmes on current human rights issues, read what others are saying and join the debate.
Military intervention "NATO is a war criminal. It's a terrorist organisation."
Borca Bankovic, mother of Ksenya, a Radio Television Serbia worker killed during the NATO bombings

Can there ever be a just war for human rights?
Rwandan soldier waiting for trial "There will be a standing court to punish impunity, no matter who commits these crimes. The rule of law will prevail from now on globally."
Kingsley Moghalu, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Should all governments submit to one human rights court?
Preparing for a night sleeping rough "In the richest country in the world we still have a problem with the distribution of health care, shelter and food."
Linda Donaldson on economic rights in the United States

Is political freedom more important than food?
Rebel soldier in Colombia "That talking to guerrilla groups only legitimises their activities was the view in the past."
Mary Robinson on the situation in Colombia

Even if they commit abuses, should we talk to rebels?
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