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My rights made simple


On this page we've simplified the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
All 30 rights are equal to each other and it is the duty of governments to protect and promote them.
Click on a right to read a case study from around the world.

1 All Human beings are free and equal in dignity and rights

2 All people are entitled to rights without distinction based on
race, colour, sex, language, religion, opinion, origin, property,
birth or residency

3 Right to life liberty and security of person

4 Freedom from slavery

5 Freedom from torture

6 Right to be treated equally by the law

7 Right to equal protection by the law

8 Right for all to effective remedy by competent tribunal

9 Freedom from arbitrary arrest

10 Right to fair public hearing by Independent tribunal

11 Right to presumption of innocence until proven guilty at public trial with all guarantees necessary for defence

12 Right to privacy in home, family and correspondence

13 Freedom of movement in your own country and the right to
leave and return to any countries

14 Right to political asylum in other countries

15 Right to nationality

16 Right to marriage and family and to equal right of men and
women during and after marriage

17 Right to own property

18 Freedom of thought and conscience and religion

19 Freedom of opinion and expression and to seek, receive and
impart information

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