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Charu Shahane - Global English

Where did you travel for your programmes?
Colombia, Yugoslavia, Russia (and Ingushetia), Tanzania, Rwanda and Northern Ireland.

How long were you away for in total?
About 35 days.

Are you going back for this project?

Were you moved or upset at any point on your recent trip?

What caused you to feel like this?
A woman in Colombia whose 11-year-old daughter was abducted five years ago.

Was there anything that gave you hope?

What was it?
People not losing hope.

Describe one of the people you interviewed and what they said.
The woman in Colombia, Florinda, described her attempts to find her daughter. She described going from place to place - police stations, ministries, media organisations etc - only to be told her daughter can't be traced. She told me she received several phone calls from strangers and acquaintances who claimed to know where her daughter was - and she always followed the lead they gave, even if she suspected it was a crank call. But she hasn't yet found her daughter. Five years on, she's still looking.

Has your trip made you think any differently about human rights?

Human rights issues are even more political than I suspected they were.

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