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I have a right to...
I have a right to...
In 'I have a right to...' Dan Damon presents the first of a three-part documentary series examining the impact on human rights of the September 11 attacks.

World Learning
World Learning
World Learning begins a series of 'I have a right to...' in which we look at Human Rights in an ever more complex world.


Your rights are universal, but not everyone agrees on their interpretation or how they should be upheld. Below you can link to four programmes on human rights issues.

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Programmes - 2002

This section features radio programmes, from around the world, which are broadcast to a potential audience of 125 million people.
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Programmes Archive

This archive includes radio programmes produced in 2001 by 12 language services as well as the English network. It also features broadcast events, from mock trials to high profile debates around the world.
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