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New wave of young Latin American writers discuss their work

Andres Neuman (L), Andres Felipe Solano (C) and Santiago Roncagliolo (R)

Andres Neuman (L), Andres Felipe Solano (C) and Santiago Roncagliolo (R)

Spanish-language writers such as Miguel de Cervantes and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, have long had a world-changing impact on literature.

The literary journal Granta has selected what it believes are the 22 best of young Spanish-language novelists.

Its editors contrast them with the previous generation, which grew up in the midst of political turmoil.

Three of the writers selected by Granta are Andres Neuman from Argentina, Andres Felipe Solano from Colombia and Santiago Roncagliolo from Peru.

They discuss their work with the BBC's Dan Damon.

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First broadcast 2 December 2010

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