Last updated: 17 november, 2010 - 16:57 GMT

Air India pilot blamed for Mangalore crash

In this photo taken on May 22, 2010, rescue personnel, volunteers and onlookers are seen at the crash site of an Air India Boeing 737-800 aircraft which crashed upon landing in Mangalore.

The crash was India's first major air disaster for 10 years

An official inquiry into a plane crash in southern India in May which killed almost 160 people, has concluded that pilot error was to blame.

Details leaked to the media showed the Air India Express pilot, Zlatko Glusica, had been asleep for much of the flight.

As a result, he was disorientated when the plane began its descent - approaching the runway at Mangalore at the wrong angle, and ignoring warnings from his co-pilot to abort the landing and try again.

The plane, a Boeing 737, overshot and burst into flames after crashing into a ravine.

Harry Dhaul is the Director General of Aviation Watch.

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First broadcast 17 November 2010

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