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What does car design say about human aspirations?

For years, people have been using cars not only to get around, but as status symbols.

Design historian, Stephen Bayley, says that car design tells us a great deal about the aspirations of individuals and society as a whole, as well as the history of the era.

He told the World Today his views about the role cars play in society and the meaning behind various car designs.

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Stephen Bayley's views about car design

  • Mini
    Mini: 'Possibly the most important car ever made'
  • E-Type Jaguar
    E-Type Jaguar: 'The most phallic car ever made'
  • Ferrari
    Ferrari: 'This is a woman lying down on her side'
  • Diana Dors' car (Photo: RM Auctions)
    'The voluptuous curves on this coach-built French car predicted Diana Dors's own extraordinary curves' (Photo: RM Auctions)
  • Tata Nano
    Tata Nano: 'I'm certain the Tata Nano will be the most significant car of recent years'
  • Ambassador
    Hindustan Ambassador: 'Fifty years ago [the British] were busy exporting the Morris Oxford to India where it became the magnificent Hindustan Ambassador'

First broadcast 26 August 2010

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