Last updated: 28 june, 2010 - 14:31 GMT

"Creepy" breastfeeding article sparks fierce debate

A woman cuddles her baby

The WHO advises mothers to breastfeed exclusively for six months

The deputy editor of Britain's Mother and Baby magazine, Kathryn Blundell, has described breastfeeding as "creepy".

In the latest edition of the magazine, which is marketed at new mothers, she says she bottle-fed her child from birth because she regards breasts as part of her sexuality.

She said that when you have that attitude "seeing your teeny, tiny innocent baby latching on where a lover has been before feels, well, a little creepy".

Her comments have prompted fierce debate; a Facebook group has been set up calling on her to apologize by Lisa Cole from the pro-breastfeeding website, Lactivist.

Newshour's Julian Marshall discussed the issue with them.

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First broadcast 27 June 2010

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