Last updated: 27 april, 2010 - 16:43 GMT

Fashion photographer LaChapelle offers critique on global politics

Detail from 'The Rape of Africa' (image copyright David LaChapelle and Courtesy of Fred Torres Collaborations)

David LaChapelle's 'Rape of Africa' is inspired by Boticelli's 'Venus and Mars', and features supermodel Naomi Campbell

Fashion photographer David LaChapelle is well-known for his glitzy, glamorous, kitsch photographs of celebrities.

He is the man famous people turn to if they want to be made to look interesting.

But in a new exhibition of his work that has just opened in London, he has turned his skills on to a rather more political subject: a critique of Western consumerism and the impact it has on Africa.

The BBC's Tom Hagler met David LaChapelle at his exhibition at the Robilant and Voena gallery in London.

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First broadcast 27 April 2010

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