Last updated: 29 march, 2010 - 17:12 GMT

In Pictures: Moscow Metro attacks

  • An official holds his head in his hands.
    Two explosions on the Moscow metro system, set off by female suicide bombers, have killed at least 38 people. This official holds his head in his hands in disbelief.
  • Park Kultury station.
    The first blast went off at Lubyanka station in the centre of Moscow, just before 0800 (0400 GMT), the height of the rush-hour. The second blast took place about 40 minutes later at Park Kultury station.
  • Hundreds of passengers leaving the station.
    Moscow's metro is one of the busiest underground railways in the world, carrying about 5.5 million passengers a day.
  • Passers-by and press in the main square.
    Passers-by were left shocked and shaken. No group has yet claimed responsibility, but the head of the FSB intelligence agency said the bombs were probably the work of Islamist rebels from the North Caucasus.
  • A helicopter.
    A helicopter lands in Lubyanka Square near the building of the Federal Security Service, located near the exit of Lubyanka metro station.
  • Police with their police dogs.
    The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has cut short a trip to Siberia to return to Moscow. He said everything would be done to track down and punish the criminals responsible, and the terrorists "would be destroyed".
  • Police standing outside the metro station.
    At an emergency meeting with senior officials, President Dmitry Medvedev vowed to uphold the "policy of suppressing terror and the fight against terrorism".
  • Police walking down the street.
    If these prove to be co-ordinated attacks, they're the deadliest in Moscow since a bombing in February 2004.

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