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Karl Rove defends waterboarding

Karl Rove at the White House during a press briefing by President George W. Bush in February 2007

Karl Rove resigned as President George W. Bush's senior advisor in August 2007

A senior advisor to the former US President, George Bush, has defended harsh interrogation techniques such as waterboarding, saying he was proud of the intelligence the US gained from using them.

Karl Rove was often referred to as President Bush's brain and as a senior political strategist is credited with Mr Bush's electoral successes.

In January last year President Obama barred the use of waterboarding after defining it as a form of torture.

He also released memos from the Bush period which showed that waterboarding had been sanctioned by Bush administration lawyers.

However, Mr Rove is unrepentant. He has just written a memoir defending Mr Bush's two terms, which of course included the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Newshour's Claire Bolderson has been talking to Mr Rove about his book.

She suggested to him that he attaches blame for anything that went wrong either to the Democrats or to himself; surely the president should take some responsibility as well?

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First broadcast 12 March 2010

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